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Purchase Our Pro Plan

PRO Plan

Want to take this to a whole new level? Our Pro Plan offers you the benefits of our MAX plan (high-res files, no limits to daily downloads, vector images, on-site photo editing and hosting) with a few extra bells and whistles.

This subscription includes extended licenses - perfect for unlimited print runs, product packaging, and resale items. You will get 100 extended licenses each month with the Pro subscription, and 900 standard Royalty Free licenses. We also give our Pro subscribers prioritized customer service so you’ll never, ever have to wait for answers to your questions.

So, you ask yourself: When do I need extended licenses? Generally most uses of stock images are covered by the standard Royalty Free license. The exception is if you are selling a product which incorporates the images in an essential manner. This basically means that you must purchase an extended license if you are selling a product where the image is central to the product you are selling. Examples of this could be if you are using the image on postcards, t-shirts or coffee cups. We also recommend an extended license if you need to print/use the image more than 500 000 times (this does not apply to advertisements, tv-productions or websites).

If you are making a product in less than 100 copies, you do NOT need an extended license. If you purchase a standard license, you can upgrade it to an extended license by contacting us.

If you need an image integration or have a service for image resales you might want to check out API

Included Features in All Plans

Unlimited Online Images

Need crisp, fresh images for your blog, newsletter or website? We've got 'em. From just $9.90 a month (Yay!) you can stream unlimited images online.

Cancel at any time

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Click on Profile, and you'll see the cancel button under the subscription you have. We'll keep hosting your images, even when your subscription is over.

Wordpress plugin

With our plugin, you can find the high-res, professional caliber images you want and customize + optimize + upload them - all in one place. The plugin features innovative visual search, easy embedding, in-browser editing, support for "featured images" and access to the whole Yay image library.

Commercial License

Use the images you've licensed for almost everything! Advertising, marketing, apps, games, blogs, books, magazines, design, web design, presentations, TV, movies, websites and more. Just don't use them in any criminal or defamatory way.

It's never been easier to find the perfect picture. Have a color palette you want to keep? Or want to see variations of an image? Drag and drop an image to our visual search, and presto you'll see lots of perfect images. Use images from the YAY search result, from your computer or from another website to find similar images. Add filters to make Visual Search even more powerful...


Do your image needs vary throughout the year? With Yay's subscription plans you can upgrade and downgrade as you need to. If you'll need lots of images for coming months, you can save up by staying on your plan and accumulating roll-over images.

In-browser editor

Skip Photoshop! With our easy editing tool you can add filters, text, crop, re-size and more. Customize your images with just a few clicks.

Project Folder

Organize your pictures in folders, and share these folders with the colleagues and clients you collaborate with. See a picture you want to save for later? Star it, and it's added to your Favorites.

Celebrity Images

Looking for red carpet pictures of Taylor Swift, or Beyonce? We've got thousands of red carpet images, and they are all included in your subscription. Just remember, they are editorial and not for commercial use.

People Search

Looking for singles, pairs, groups - or pictures without people? Our people filter helps you filter out the pictures you're not interested in.

Roll-over unused images

Didn't get to use all your images? No worries, they will roll over to the next month automatically!

High-Resolution Images

If you need gorgeous, clear images for design or print, add the number of with high-res downloads you'll need. You'll get the original file size, it doesn't get any bigger -- or better -- than this.

Text Space Search

(coming soon)

Want to add text to a picture? Tell us where you'd like the text to be, and our search will find you pictures with space for text.

Extended License

Need an extended license for your mass-produced template or photo calendar? Order our Pro Plan!

Color Search

Stay within the color palette when you want by using the color search filter. Tip: Filter by white to get more isolated images.

Vector files included

Our high-res downloads include vector files. If you choose to stream a vector image, we'll stream a jpg version of the vector.