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Put the Power Back in PowerPoint

Creating stunning presentations has never been easier. With the YAY Images add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint you get direct access to millions of breathtaking stock photos. Try out different previews before choosing the perfect image to blow your audience away.

Using images creates an instant emotion with your audience. Using high-quality images amplifies the reaction.

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Search for Images in PowerPoint

Use the plugin to search for images directly from within PowerPoint. Use advanced filters to easily find the perfect image easily.

Office 365 Add-In Interface

Similar Search

The similar images search helps you find the perfect image among millions of stock photos. Use it to narrow down your search within a field of photos.

Office 365 Add-In Interface

Insert Purchased Image

Found the perfect image? Great! Just hit the "$"-button to sign-up for a plan and get all the unwatermarked high-res images you need to blow your audience away.

Office 365 Add-In Purchase

Insert Preview Image

You can try out all the images you like before deciding. Just click the "+"-button and a watermarked preview of the image magically appears on your slide. This makes it a lot easier to experiment with different styles.

Office 365 Add-In Textspace Search

People Search

Need an image without poeple? With two people? With a lot of people? With the people search you can select what you like and easily narrow down your search.

Office 365 Add-In People

Textspace Search

With the textspace search you can mark the area of an image where you want to add text. The search engine will then show results that have uncluttered space exactly in that area of the image. Absolutely awesome feature to have when working with presentations!

Office 365 Add-In Textspace Search
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