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Your product isn't complete without images.
Beat your competitors by integrating YAY's Image API.

Why you should integrate images


Images are Key

You've worked hard on creating a great product and user experience. Why leave the finishing touch, the key feature: images, to chance? A poor quality picture can ruin the whole experience of using your service, the same with spending hours looking for pictures elsewhere.

Your users will add images to their product, no one wants a website, a marketing email or presentation without images.

Still, close to zero services offer a built-in image service for their users. The reason is simple: There's never been a good solution to integrate. Until now.

YAY Image API Widget Editor


Your Users Get:

  • Freemium model  
  • Variation: 6 million images  
  • Visual Search, Color Search, and TextSpace  
  • Fully integrated, easy to use  
  • Built-in image editor  
  • Legal and professional images  

Take a look at YAY integrated with WordPress.


You Get

When your users get access to millions of free, legal, professional images they can make even better products, and better products perform better. Your users will be happier with your service, keep using it for longer, and recommending it to more people. You already have a great service, why not make it superior?

  • Better product offering than your competitors  
  • Higher customer retention + satisfaction  
  • Increased profit with shared revenue  



Our users get their images for free at Google Images..
Getting your images from Google Images isn't a big problem - until it is. Most images on Google images are protected by copyright, and are illegal to use. What if the campaign must be stopped because the user used an illegal image? Or the new website taken down? Such experiences will reflect badly on your service.

We already tried giving our users legal images..
..and no one used it. We know. We also know that good images aren't enough. You also need to hit the right price point. YAY offer a freemium model, with upgrade to a $9.90/month for unlimited use. That's the same price our competitors charge for 1 or 2 images. Nobody wants to pay that much for images.

Our users get their images from other services..
Why would you want to give control and revenue to a third party? We offer a shared revenue model, increasing the profits you get from your active users. Several dollars * your active users * 12 months = a very nice increase in yearly revenue.


Technical Details

YAY Images is built on a REST API. This allows you to integrate search, edit, download and upload functionality for users right into your platform. Registering and payment can also be done without the user leaving your site. Questions? Check out our API documentation, or contact us.


Digital Asset Management

Does your company need a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to manage content? Keeping track of externally licensed and internal videos, images etc. can help internal workflow, can help you stay in compliance with licenses and leverage your content more effectively. Contact us to discuss your DAM needs.

Digital Asset Management


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