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Put the Power Back in PowerPoint

Creating stunning presentations has never been easier. With the YAY Images add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint you get direct access to millions of breathtaking stock photos. Try out different previews before choosing the perfect image to blow your audience away.

Search Features

  • Celebrity Images

    Looking for red carpet pictures of Taylor Swift, or Beyonce? We've got thousands of red carpet images, and they are all included in your subscription. Just remember, they are editorial and not for commercial use.

  • Wordpress plugin

    With our plugin, you can find the high-res, professional caliber images you want and customize + optimize + upload them - all in one place. The plugin features innovative visual search, easy embedding, in-browser editing, support for "featured images" and access to the whole Yay image library.

  • In-browser editor

    Skip Photoshop! With our easy editing tool you can add filters, text, crop, re-size and more. Customize your images with just a few clicks.

  • It's never been easier to find the perfect picture. Have a color palette you want to keep? Or want to see variations of an image? Drag and drop an image to our visual search, and presto you'll see lots of perfect images. Use images from the YAY search result, from your computer or from another website to find similar images. Add filters to make Visual Search even more powerful...

  • Text Space Search

    Want to add text to a picture? Tell us where you'd like the text to be, and our search will find you pictures with space for text.

  • Color Search

    Stay within the color palette when you want by using the color search filter. Tip: Filter by white to get more isolated images.

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A Better Way to get your images

Whether you want to download/add great photos to your projects, or stream images directly using our easy tools, we've got you covered. Get unlimited images at awesomely low prices - for as little as $9.90 / month. Search or browse to get started.




What Our Members Say About Us

  • Krista Langford

    Arts Educator

    "YAY's streaming and digital plans are really appealing. I love being able to use the image online without hosting myself, and being able to use images in any digital capacity. Totally innovative!"

  • Grant Spanier

    "I used YAY's images on my blog, for brochures, even on apparel designs. They have tons of variety within each subject, a range of styles and I love the different formats - particularly the hi-res images! The images feel less 'stock' and more 'real.' Hoor-YAY, I say."

  • Amanda Cobb

    Dragonflight dreams Graphic Design

    "I use YAY images for both client work and my own blog posts. I liked the ease in choosing formats (digital-res or print-res) and the quantity of vector formats.You can download an image right from the search page, rather than having to click through to a second page - so convenient!"